Steel wire (SW)

■ Main applications

・Removal of corrosion from steel plates
・Paint stripping from painted surfaces
・Base metal polishing before plating
・Preparation of surfaces for welding
・Deburring of pressed holes
・Deburring of cut edges
・Removal of rubber molding flashes
・Cleaning of casting molds

■Corresponding wire diameter ・φ0.1

Stainless steel (SUS)

■Main applications

・Same as steel wire
・Base metal polishing before plating
・Stainless steel product polishing
・Grinding at high temperatures
・Wet-type grinding, or grinding in acidic or alkaline solution

 ■Corresponding wire diameter ・φ0.06

Brass (BSW)

■Main applications ・Alloy product polishing
・Raising nap on woven materials
・Raising grain on wood products
■Corresponding wire diameter ・From Φ0.05

Other metal wires

  ・Copper wire ・Tungsten ・Plated wires (various types) ・Brass banrope (BBR) ・High carbon steel ・Piano wire

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