Nylon with abrasive particles (DuPont, Toray, Asahi Chemical, etc.)

・Toray Grit (Toray)    ⇒<TG-A>, <TG-C>
・Tynex (DuPont)     ⇒<TX-A>, <TX-C>
・Sungrit (Asahi Chemical)  ⇒<SG-A> <SG-C>

■Chemical resistance ・Equivalent to nylon
■Abrasive particles ・Silicon carbide (Sic)
・Alumina oxide (Ao)
・Diamond (Dia)
■Base material ・Nylon 6
・Nylon 610
・Nylon 612
■ Abrasive particle content ・15 to 40%
■Heat resistance ・Equivalent to nylon
■Corresponding particle diameter ・#46 to #1000
■Characteristics ・Abrasive particles (alumina oxide, silicon carbide, diamonds) are included in a nylon base, so in contrast to other brushes, there is no need to use abrasive materials.
・Wear resistance, bending recovery, chemical resistance and other properties are the same as nylon
■Main applications

・Polishing, cleaning, and weak acid washing of copper plate surfaces
・Edge processing of punched holes
・Deburring of machined parts 
・Surface treatment of non-ferrous metal products
・Sanding of wood and furniture 
・Pre-processing before painting 
・Surface treatment of printed circuit boards
・Deburring of gears, pinions, etc.  
・Floor painting

■Corresponding wire diameter from Φ 0.15
 * There are also PBT and Conex base materials.

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