Taking State’s Advanced Brush Technology to All Industries



If youfre looking for industrial brushes of high precision and superior cost performance, we recommend channel brushes, a proud State product. Our diverse lineup offers the perfect fit for various industrial situations. We also make custom original products to meet our customersf detailed orders.  
@A unique construction method that firmly locks hoop and
@core wires and prevents loss of fibers

Material pulled from coil hoops is formed into channels by a forming machine.
Brush fiber material is mounted in the channel and held down by the core wire.
The rollers pinch the channel to fasten the brush fibers and core wire in place.
We were among the first in the industry to use Numerical Control (NC) in manufacturing processes, achieving automatic fiber implanting, automatic coiling, automatic fiber trimming, etc. Through ongoing technical innovation, we will carry on striving to develop products to satisfy our customers.

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