We provide materials with optimum properties, such as chemical resistance, wear resistance, resilience, and flexibility, for each application. We produce original brushes to be sure of meeting customer needs.




  ENylon (6TYP, 66TYP, 610TYP, 612TYP)
EPolypropylene (PP)
EPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
EPolyester (PET, PBT) - Kanegoat

ƒAbrasive particle materials„

  EAlumina oxide
ESilicon carbide
  ESteel wire (SW)
EStainless steel (SUS)
EBrass (BSW)
  EAnimal fibers (horse, pig, sheep)
EPlant fibers (tampico, palm, fern)
  EPoly Phenylene Sulfide (PPS)

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