State Industry’s industrial brushes are renowned for use in deburring, grinding, cleaning, and finishing. We prepare the optimum materials, shapes, and sizes to meet our customers’ needs, and have a production system ready to make brushes to order for specific customer requests.



These are highly effective for removing dust and other particles, to prevent dust and scattering from various industrial machinery and machine tools. They can also be used as industrial brushes.

Compact, with high fiber counts, and outstanding ease of operation and durability. Highly effective for burr removal, polishing, washing, and cleaning the inner faces of holes and intersections between holes.
For burr removal, polishing, washing, and cleaning the inner faces and intersections of small-diameter holes. We provide ideal sizes to suit applications.B
Road-related cleaning and washing Extremely large channel-type brushes usable for everything from road surfaces and guard rails to tunnels.
Now available in the big sizes youfve been waiting for, in channel types. Clean, grind, deburr, and polish efficiently, into every crevice and corner, while preventing dust and scattering. Fibers are implanted in a brush base of wood or plastic, etc. They reduce weight beyond what can be achieved with metals. Diverse manufacturing methods vary implanting pitch, anchoring methods, etc.
Coiling methods can also be selected to suit applications. These are mounted on various equipment and used for washing, cleaning, grinding, and removal of dust and particles. These are used for deburring, polishing and cleaning in narrow grooves and confined spaces, and for localized deburring, polishing and cleaning.
For burr removal, polishing, washing, and cleaning the inner faces, intersections, and bottoms of small-diameter holes. Simple and easy-to-use handy-type brushes. We offer diverse variations of materials and sizes.
Original mats with superior durability, fiber loss resistance, and slip resistance function. These are used on gold courses and in factories and homes. The channel manufacturing method allows detailed, high-density cleaning.
 *Caution: Wear appropriate protective equipment when using brushes.
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