Easy grinding and deburring in cramped places. Standard brushes for grinding.


For deburring, grinding, washing, and cleaning the inner faces, intersections, and bottoms of small-diameter holes.

Available in three shapes, to suit the objects to be ground.
Deburring of narrow cylinders, lower internal surfaces of parts, and inner faces of pipes.
Ideal for grinding. Cylinder shapes are effective for deburring bottom areas, umbrella types for joints, and flat types for the sides of bottom areas.

To remove burring at the bottom...
gCylindrical brushh
To remove burring on the sides...
gUmbrella brushh
To remove burring on the sides at the bottom...
“Flat brush”

@How to order
We can also provide your choice of materials and dimensions. If the brush has a shaft, please specify the shaft diameter and length dimensions.
1. External diameter (DΦ) 2. Fiber length (h)
3. Fiber thickness (t) 4. Cylinder diameter (Kφ)
5. Cylinder length (Kl) 6. Shaft diameter (HΦ)
7. Shaft length (Hl) 8. Shaft material

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