Choose from three coiling methods, to suit the purpose while achieving economy and making the most of product properties.


Cleaning steel plates and glass, sweeping conveyors, deburring.
Up to 6.4 m maximum overall length and 1,100 mm maximum diameter.
Movement balancing and special shape trimming are available.
Coiling methods can also be selected, between close coiling, pitch coiling, and helical coiling, to suit the application.
@Three types of coiling method
PDClose coiling ... A fine coiling method for higher accuracy

QDPitch coiling ... A coiling method for superior functionality

RDHelical coiling ... The roll direction is split between left and right for a balance of forces

@How to order
We can meet detailed orders for shaft and brush materials etc., in addition to three winding types.
1. Channel size and material
2. External diameter (DΦ)
3. Internal diameter (dΦ)
4. Brush face length (l)
5. Overall length
6. Brush material and wire diameter
7. Winding type, pitch (p)
8. With or without a shaft, and shaft material

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