The big sizes youfve been waiting are now available in channel types. Clean, grind, deburr, and polish efficiently, into every crevice and corner. We offer diverse variations to match required sizes.



  Channel type
¡ Burr removal, surface grinding, washing, cleaning, polishing.
¡ Available in channel, press, and dot types.
Channel type
  Choose sizes and fiber quantities freely.
Press type  
  Uses a standard fixture suitable for attachment to electric and pneumatic power tools.
Dot type
  Cutting effects from intermittent brushing, and a fiber length adjustment mechanism can be added.
Efficient because it is a large-diameter brush
Long fiber base cleans
into everywhere
Rotating brush for effective deburring
With a small size, it takes several minutes to remove burring
With a large size, one turn is enough.

Long fibers reach even places further away from the machine, cleaning everywhere

The brush is rotating, so it removes burring from everywhere

@We also offer a full lineup of conventional smaller products.
  Ring brush
  Dot type

@How to order
We can also provide brushes with shafts. Specify for electric or pneumatic power tools.
1. Channel size and material
2. External diameter (Dƒ³)
3. Internal diameter
4. Fiber length (h), including channel
5. Number of coils (N)
6. Fixture diameter (Kφ)
7. Shaft length (Hl)
8. Shaft diameter (HΦ)
9. Plate thickness (t)
10. Overall height (H)

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