Compact, with high fiber counts, and outstanding ease of operation and durability. For deburring, grinding, washing, and cleaning the inner faces of holes and intersections between holes.



‘ Channel type
‘ Deburring and cleaning inside holes, finishing inside cylinders.
‘ Surface finishing with power tools etc., removal of rust, spatter, etc.
‘ Brushes are made by the channel method, so they can be produced to set the shape of the workpiece, or other conditions.
‘ Channel brushes finished with a coil shape.
It is possible to replace just the brush, by using a power tool etc. or a dedicated attachment.
‘ It is simple to use this with motor power tools, by making it as a coil with a shaft.
‘ High fiber quantity for twisted brushes allows applications such as robust burring removal.

@A unique construction method that firmly locks hoop and
@core wires and prevents loss of fibers


These are coil brushes with high fiber quantity, made by the channel manufacturing method, so they can be attached to power tools as well as used by hand, and still allow fine and speedy work, without damaging inner surfaces.

@How to order
We take detailed orders to match your applications and purposes.
1. Channel size and material
2. External diameter (DΦ)
3. Internal diameter (DΦ)
4. Brush length (l) or number of coils (N)
5. Brass
6. Shaft length (Hl)
7. Shaft diameter (Hƒ³)
8. Overall length (L)
9. Pitch (pΰ)


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